Worker's Compensation

Work injuries can happen to anyone at any given time. Whether you work on a construction site, at an office, in a field, or factory, our workman’s comp rehabilitation process will get you back to work safely and effectively. Utilizing a team approach, we collaborate with all stakeholders involved, including you, your physician, employer, nurse case manager, and any legal representatives. It’s not only our goal to get you healthy and back to work, but to communicate all timely information to those affected.

We customize your rehabilitation and work conditioning program based on the specifics of your job and return-to-work goals. By creating a personalized plan around your goals, safe work habits, and how to minimize risk for future injuries, you’ll be on a path to recovery and back to where you need to be to deal with the rigors of your job. No matter the injury and occupation, our dedicated therapists work with you to regain your strength and coordination so you can live and work to the best of your abilities.