STRIDE Running Clinic

The STRIDE Running Clinic is a runner-specific program to give runners a better understanding of proper running biomechanics to integrate into any circumstance. This facilitates rapid recovery of injuries, prevention of further damage, and improves overall athletic performance. This program improves the running economy for all runners, from competitive, recreation, and novice.

The program is devoted to providing runners with access to high quality, evidence-based, and easily approachable running resources through the clinic, speaking events, local races, and the online platform. 

The STRIDE Running Clinic provides:

  • An assessment of functional patterns, strength, and range of motion
  • A biomechanical analysis of running, including, modifying your running form to correct aversive running mechanics
  • Video instruction and review of running pattern
  • An individualized plan to address each runner’s goals, including therapeutic exercises, manual interventions, and guidance towards an appropriate return to the desired running level
  • Answers to questions regarding shoes, orthotics, training, nutrition, and any other running-related topics

Whether you’re a competitive runner or enjoy going on a Sunday stroll, the STRIDE Running Clinic will optimize your running so you can run faster, reduce injuries, and help prevent future injuries from occurring.