LOPT Performance

LOPT Performance is modern physical therapy built for the active patient. Whether you're returning to sport, looking to meet the higher demands of your job, or want to get back to rigorous exercise, LOPT Performance provides one-on-one treatment with your therapist in an environment that allows you to reach your potential.

LOPT is dedicated to providing all athletes with an optimal level of care to treat minor and major injuries. We have specific programs to treat athletes of all levels with the proper therapies needed to return to the sports they love. Whether you’re a weekend golfer or a professional athlete, sports injuries affect everyone. We understand that you want to get back to playing the sport you enjoy as quickly as possible. Our therapists specialize in a wide variety of sports injury management, including acute care, treatment and rehabilitation, prevention, and education.   

LOPT Performance is an entire location dedicated to those who want to move better. It equips athletes of all levels with the proper tools to minimize injury risk, maximize return to sport capacity, to perform at their best potential safely. Finish SeriesLOPTimize, LOPT Golf and STRIDE Running Clinic are four programs designed for athletes that take an additional step beyond traditional physical therapy to help you move at your best. 

The STRIDE Running Clinic is a runner-specific program to give runners a better understanding of proper running biomechanics to integrate into any running circumstance. This facilitates rapid recovery of injuries, prevention of further damage, and improves overall athletic performance. This program improves the running economy for all runners, from competitive, recreation, and novice.

Finish Series bridges the gap between traditional late-phase rehab and return to sport. It’s tailored to each patient’s individual goals and post-surgical protocol, especially for those moving into higher-level functioning or return-to-sport stages in their rehabilitation plan of care. Common injury examples include, but are not limited to, ACL or meniscus, Bankart/SLAP, rotator cuff, Tommy John, hip impingement/FAI. 

LOPTimize is primarily for those seeking to improve their movement capacity. The program provides prevention and performance optimization, utilization of injury risk reduction, performance screens, guidance for training, and specific programs designed to address client needs and goals.

LOPT Golf is a program to help individuals to be able to participate in the game they love
to the fullest extent and enjoyment possible. We've taken a special interest in helping others to improve the efficiency and longevity of their golf game.