Alter G Treadmills

Alter G treadmills enable individuals to walk or run at a lower percentage of their body weight and perform rehabilitation with less pain. Patients can gain mobility, strength, natural movement and fitness, while also minimizing stress on the body or on injury. 

The Alter G is great for:

  • Injured athletes 
  • Runners
  • Seniors
  • Anyone suffering a knee, ankle, leg or foot injury
  • A walking or running program for weight loss while avoiding joint pain.

How does it work?

The Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill uses air pressure to help take a unweight a percentage of body weight specific to the goal and need of the treatment.  The client is zipped into the treadmill using special shorts.  After the Alter G has been set to a percentage of body weight, the patient can then walk, run or do exercises at that specified weight.    

The Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill can be used to restore normal walking and running mechanics while also supporting the healing tissue. It can be used to assist in recovery from fractures, stress fractures, knee or hip surgery or replacement, as well as for weight loss.  Overall, the use of this can help facilitate rehabilitation, improve recovery times and optimize rehab.  

The Alter G can be incorporated into your treatment plan or sessions can be purchased for athletes looking to train or gain miles without increasing stress on their joints.  

LOPT has three Alter G treadmills at our East (70th and A), Williamsburg and Southeast (84th and Yankee Hill) clinics.