Home Office Ergonomics

Home Ergonomics

Have you noticed back or neck pain due to working from home during COVID-19?  Some small changes to your work station and schedule could help relieve some of the pain you're experiencing.  Here's a few tips.

Stretch breaks.  This can be as simple as standing up, moving your back, neck and shoulders through range of motion you haven't used during the past hour.  Your head has been straining to read and your back has been relaxed in a chair for too long.  Give your neck, back and shoulders a different position.

Adjust your area.  Lower your keyboard to your lab to relax your shoulders or raise your monitor or laptop to prevent your head and neck from leaning forward.  Poor posture can lead to onset of pain or tightness.

Walk it off.  A short walk to increase blood flow, improve posture and break up the day.  

Ask one of our therapist that specialize in spine to help problems solve why you're having pain.  They can help relieve pain and prevent pain from coming back again!